Color: Teal
Towards sustainable living and mindful consumption.
Unplug Eco-conscious Metric:

A unisex cardigan that embodies relaxed sophistication. The breathable linen fabric drapes gracefully, providing a relaxed silhouette that adapts to any occasion.

Material: Local Linen (100% linen)

Color Dye:
1. Seaweed
Dye Plant: Tegeran Wood + Jelawai Fruit Skins / Plant Source - Indonesia
2. Teal
Dye Plant: Indigo + Gallnut / Plant Source - Indonesia & India

Size: S/M ; L/XL

Care: Hand wash only

(We use plant based mordants and metal salts as fixers to achieve the best color retention. However, we always recommend hand washing with pH neutral soaps or delicate detergents using cold tap water.)

Designed, sewn and hand-dyed in our BUMI FACTORY in Sepang, Malaysia.


Natural dyes are made using raw plant extracts.

No toxic chemicals are used in the process.

With regular wash & use, natural plant dyes will slowly fade into a lighter shade of itself.

During the hand dyeing process, some dye spots, uneven tones and some streaks might appear on the fabric/product. This is common for natural dye products and is not a product defect.