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Every item at UNPLUG is curated with the people and the planet in mind. If you’re looking to get off the fast lane to reconnect with sustainable living and mindful consumption, we’ve got you. Explore our global selection of meaningful, sustainable alternatives – all sourced with good intentions.

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UNPLUG is more than just a store, it is about sustainable living. Our curation is guided by a set of sustainable metrics. That way, we can ensure that every item we put on our shelves is directly contributing back to the people and the planet.

All of the brands under UNPLUG falls under two or more of the following eco-metrics:

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With a humble beginning in Kuala Lumpur, you can find our outlet in Bangsar.  A 360 degree open concept for a 360 degree invitation in making that first step towards sustainable living from your wardrobe down to your bathroom;)



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