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Unplug Eco-conscious Metric:

Our serving trays are lightweight boards, about 1.5cm thick. They are excellent for placemats, hot pads, displaying food, whatever. Because these are lightweight, they are for displaying your best product. For carving and cutting, we recommend our thicker end grain cutting boards.

A hot pan placed on the board may leave a mark that will disappear overnight. With proper TLC, liquids like wine and water will slide off, so don’t forget to get your butcher block butter and apply whenever the board looks dry. Just rub a bit of the butter into a dry board.

Material: Meranti Wood


L (32-33cm) x W (28-29cm)

1.5cm thickness

Weight: 1kg

Benefits of End Grain Cutting Boards- much more durable, leave less visible cut marks and does not dull your knives as quickly, compared to the face grain boards. As you cut onto an end grain board, you do not cut across the wood fibres as they naturally separate and close with the knife blade. 

With face grain boards, you actually cut across the wood fibres, leaving more visible and permanent cut marks, while dulling your knives faster.

The finishes we use are all food grade and free from tree nuts (great for those who have nut allergies, as many natural finishes are from tree nuts). We use food grade mineral oil and organic beeswax. The glue we use is also food grade, and you can actually eat it.


Note: All offcuts from the cutting boards and charcuterie boards are repurposed into other products.