Color: Amour-Gold
Towards sustainable living and mindful consumption. Make it last with slow fashion.
Unplug Eco-conscious Metric:
Oysters are a common name for a variety of mollusks found in the ocean or brackish waters, and are rich in minerals and micronutrients. We hope that every person wearing these Oyster earrings will be reminded to nourish themselves and thrive wherever they are.
The patterns on the Oyster earrings have been hand-stitched with patterns inspired by motifs reminiscent of Middle-Eastern art and architecture, to honour the heritage of refugees from Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria and Iran, and the remote highlands of the Chin State, honouring refugees from Myanmar.

Product Details:
  • All bases are stainless steel and gold finishing.
  • Hand-embroidered and set by refugee women in Malaysia.
  • The gold shell is 18K Gold Plated (0.01~0.03μm).
  • Measurement Earrings: 3.9cm (H) x 1.2cm (W) x 0.3cm (L) x 1cm (D).
  • Measurement Gold Shell: 2.6cm (H) x 3.1cm (W) x 0.1cm (L).

* Each piece of Earth Heir x MADE51 jewellery is lovingly handmade, slight variations are not uncommon.
Note: Model shots are only intended to give a sense of size and fit, not colour.