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Unplug Eco-conscious Metric:

Our Eve bag is a true representation of fine craftsmanship. Handwoven by weavers from the Rungus tribe in Sabah, the stems of the creeper fern are woven around a rattan core and crafted into the bag. Both rattan and ribu-ribu fibers are now increasingly rare, making each bag as precious as it is beautiful.

Ribu-ribu is also referred to as Rinago or Llingkong (locally) and is scientifically referred to as Lygodium (Famili: schizaeaceae),

Leather handles are included. These leather handles are fashioned from upcycled waste leather, hand-cut, and embossed by a small shoe factory in Klang, Malaysia.  Leather handles are available in black, dark brown, and tan.  Please make a note at checkout to let us know which you would like.

Each bag comes with a removable inner organiser made by refugee women living in Malaysia, secured with a hand-cut, zero-waste leather zipper (sourced from leather off-cuts). Inner organiser available in black and each organiser has a different limited edition print inside.

Natural in colour. Made by craftspeople and artisans living in Borneo and Selangor, Malaysia. A true celebration of Malaysian heritage.

Product Measurement
Measurement : (L) 23cm x (H) 23.5cm x (W) 11.5cm -except handles-