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Support Local Brands In Malaysia - 10 Brands To Look Into

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Do you want to support local brands in Malaysia? It's more important now than ever to inspire acquaintances, friends, and families to shop locally and support local businesses in order to help create a better future.
Whatever you are doing, striking out independently in the world can be challenging. Now picture doing this in the cutthroat corporate environment. Small business owners frequently have a tough time at every step for years. 
They undertake this difficult effort every day in order to provide the public with alternatives that will improve the lives of customers like us. When it comes to products from small businesses, you know that a lot of thought has gone into them. 
This translates to better-quality products and an overall better experience with shopping.
In Malaysia, SupportLocal is a great comprehensive digital platform designed to increase the visibility and reach of start-ups and small businesses in the community. This is a great opportunity towards practicing and encouraging sustainability among the people.
Locally owned businesses tend to be located in town or city centers, which reduces sprawl, traffic, or pollution. On top of assisting the economy, you will be saving the planet when you purchase a  local product in Malaysia
By shopping locally, you are supporting the local economy. Local businesses are more inclined to source locally than large corporations which build local supply chains and increase businesses, unlike relying heavily on monopolized supplies and imports. Additionally, buying locally lessens the carbon footprint of the supplies, goods, and vegetables, which is great for the earth!
Local businesses not only strengthen the local economy but also the community. Small companies work together to assist one another in order to foster a strong, inviting culture and community.
If you are unsure where to start, below are 10 brands to look into to start boosting the community!


Support Local Brands In Malaysia - 10 Brands To Look Into

  1. Re{me}dy
  2. Nysakapas
  3. Cocoraw
  4. Justlife Organic Shop
  5. Tanoti
  6. Dapo
  7. Earth Heir
  8. Fugeelah
  9. Mangosteen Malaysia
  10. Terrae


1. Remedy

Remedy is Malaysia's first skincare refiller concept store. It is not just another zero waste but focuses on a full range of local-source skincare products.It is not just your average zero-waste shop.
Both the foods that are consumed and the beauty products used are absorbed by our bodies, and Remedy holds strong to the principle of “We Are What We Put In Us".
This brand covers a range of products such as skincare, like their Squalane Face Oil, hair care items (Scalp & Hair Revitaliser), sanitizers, and even insect repellants.
Their objective is simple - to bring out the greatest organic products passionately created in Malaysia. This is reflected in the brands they partner with, the way they conduct business, the design of their retail space, the materials used in the business, and even the promotional items.
They follow a packaging-free philosophy in-store and don't provide paper or plastic bags. They assist Penan women in Sarawak by collaborating with Penan Bags Europe, an NGO. They have a 100% buy-back policy on the bags which these native Penan women produce for them to sell.
They welcome and receive funding for packaging, which they will use for online orders and make available to consumers in-store. Talk about an initiative!


2. Nysakapas

Nysakapas takes a contemporary perspective on the "Kampung Lifestyle" of Terengganu.  They are a Malaysian Batik company that is locally produced in a tiny village and seeks to safeguard the environment and the future of our craftspeople.
They were able to create specific visual research on the influence of handcrafted, repurposed batiks as a practical art form that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable through their very own efforts.
These days, you will find the traditions of batik practiced in just a few states in Malaysia. In an attempt to preserve this valuable traditional knowledge, Nysakapas hopes to educate everyone to re-learn the roots, culture, and people behind Batik. 
They have been updating their methods for creating batiks for a while now, simply because they desire alternatives that are secure, simple to use, and produce the highest quality work. 
Among the items in their collection is,


3. Cocoraw

Cocoraw is a locally developed Malaysian company that was founded in the middle of 2016 with the clear goal of providing delicious chocolate at reasonable costs. With their handmade chocolates, they want to add a local flair by incorporating ingredients from the area, such as Teh Tarik and Gula Melaka.
They have a drool-worthy selection of chocolates where 70% Belgian dark chocolate is used to make delicate truffles! If there is a local product in Malaysia you aim to try, make sure it is these sweet treats!


4. Justlife Organic Shop

At Justlife, they think that anyone can help protect the environment by doing something that the majority of us indulge in - shopping! So get your wallet ready to support local brands in Malaysia.
This devotion inspired them to open their first organic store in 1999 when Malaysians were still unfamiliar with the term "organic." Since then, they have continued to make a concerted effort to raise awareness of eco-friendly living and to spread the word about the need of buying products of genuine quality.
Justlife is still an inspiration for an environmentally sustainable way of life today and stands for distinctively high-quality products.


5. Tanoti

Dedicated to the creation, marketing, and spread of handicraft traditions of rural communities in East Malaysia, Tanoti Sdn Bhd is a group of Sarawakian women spinners and artisans, which quickly became a famous brand in Malaysia and one of the first social enterprises.
Aside from the fabrics, Tanoti also works with Rattan harvesting and weaving, resulting in beautifully crafted pieces of plates, baskets, and bags.
This ever-expanding group of artisans got its start in a study and development facility set up by the Yayasan Tuanku Nur Zahirah foundation in 2008. Through the ancient craft of songket-making, Tanoti seeks to fulfill the mission of the organization, which is to enhance the well-being and earnings of women in rural areas.
The focus of Tanoti now is the real fortitude to continue maintaining and revitalizing an ancient legacy talent in the Malaysian handicraft industry today through economic empowerment.


6. Dapo

Dapo is a sustainable Brand that produces ethical and locally sourced wooden products from Malaysia's first - The Green Factory (TGF)
TGF, which is based in Ampang, Selangor, uses a cyclic strategy for the sustainable production of wood goods, taking into account factors in green innovation such as the supply of eco-friendly resources, ecological design, green construction, waste disposal, and learning.
They have over 20 years of woodworking knowledge, and they have honed their skills in bespoke furniture, home goods, and gift items.
The prominence of the wood industry in Malaysia is due to our natural resources.  They are transforming a family legacy towards a more sustainable path by doing things responsibly.
For example, they are a PEFC-certified factory, which enables them to acquire wood from responsibly managed forests.
Nearly 30% of Malaysia's forests are presently PEFC-certified, although the majority of the locally certified timber is frequently exported. The Green Factory seeks to increase customer access to sustainably made, certified wood goods in Malaysia as well as in other regional and international markets.
If you are ever thinking of getting souvenirs from Malaysia, Dapo has an excellent range of items such as candle holders, phone holders, and trays for you to consider.  


7. Earth Heir

Earth Heir was established to help traditional artisans in underprivileged areas and also to uplift the local gift product segment.  They want to show us that we don't need to look outside our homes to find beautiful crafts and products.
The development of independent, upskilled, and sustainable livelihoods for craftsmen is what they aim for. In this manner, the entire artisan sector transforms into a tool for local community economic growth.
They support its distinctive workmanship with all-encompassing ethical business methods, including learning in the production process, access to the market, financial assistance, and fair trade business practices. They are also a b-corp Malaysian brand with a current score of 94.1!
It is one of the best Malaysia gift shop as you can find dainty pieces of jewelry such as the Glow Arabesque Black Ring, the Glow Arabesque Blue Necklace, or the Cuff Bangle Amour.


8. Fugeelah

The main goal of Fugeelah is to help Fugee School, an organization that offers free education and social assistance to persons in migration, run sustainably. 
This women-led jewelry company, among the list of SME company in Malaysia, gives back to education and the plight of refugee, children education, employment, and empowerment opportunities. They are passionate about quality and committed to ethical sourcing, competitive pay, and worthwhile charitable endeavors.
If you are in the mood to support local brands Malaysia, check out their collection of earrings and necklaces.


9. Mangosteen Malaysia

When Mangosteen was first formed in 2013, it had the goal of assisting organizations that carry out significant work in the area but rely on contributions or grants to continue or begin that work.
The lack of money and resources to scale an organization's work is one of the main issues impact-driven organizations deal with, and the folks at Mangosteen are aware of this. By assisting organizations that carry out work that needs to be scaled up and amplified throughout the region, they hope to contribute to the solution of this problem.
With its line of home perfumes and personal hygiene products, Mangosteen Malaysia transports tropical scents to your homes. 
In order to continue changing lives, uplifting communities in this region, and empowering women, Mangosteen has pledged to donate 100% of its revenues to organizations that support women and children in Southeast Asia.


10. Terrae

Their passion for exercise and for the environment gave rise to the idea for Terrae. At Terrae, they think it's possible to exercise, look good, and feel wonderful without harming the environment. 
With training gear that is strong, enduring, and classic, this sportswear combines practicality with sustainability. Small brands like Terrae not only offer alternatives to bigger known brands in competing in design and quality but incorporate ethical production and sourcing as part of their business. 
If you want to rock a great outfit that is also sustainable, look no further than Terrae.



Why Malaysian Should Support Local Products?

This question may have crossed your mind when it comes to local brands - why support local business?
Support local community” - This catchphrase is frequently used in the media to exhort and motivate Malaysians to purchase from local companies. Here are some advantages of doing so and how crucial it is for us to support local companies.


1. Increase Employment

The economy is based on small, local companies and you may encourage local industry growth by making local purchases. When there is a large demand in local businesses, they will need to hire more people, therefore eventually creating additional job openings.
By making local purchases, you not only support your neighborhood's economy but also contribute to job growth. These positions might be filled by your friends, family, or neighbors, who would likely face much stiffer competition in a massive chain store. 


2. Lower Taxes

You probably shop at large chain retailers like the majority of people. and because they have the lowest prices and everything you are looking for under one roof, you might feel obliged to shop there. However, there are a variety of factors that make shopping locally advantageous for both your wallet and your community.
The government is funded by the sales taxes collected from neighboring enterprises. The money is subsequently reinvested back into the neighborhood.
However, local governments frequently grant tax incentives to huge retailers while not doing the same for neighborhood shops. Local communities will not gain anything by deciding to put money into a large business somewhere else.
Everyone wants their taxes to be cheaper, and helping out your neighborhood businesses can help. Small enterprises make efficient use of the property and are located in convenient areas, which reduces the demand for highways, drainage, and safety services.
Furthermore, independent companies frequently generate more tax income for every ringgit of sales. This means that, in comparison to megastores, a higher proportion of small businesses contributes to keeping your taxes cheaper.


3. Improvised Customer Service

Every purchase, contract, and good review matters to a small business owner. 
The survival of small-town business owners depends on your satisfaction because they cherish each and every one of their clients. In contrast to large chains, local producers frequently employ individuals who have an in-depth understanding of the goods they sell or the workings of the industry they are in.
An overall positive experience results from employees taking the opportunity to learn about their clients and consumers. 


How Can We Support Local Products?

Among the most recent concerns for the government are the state of the economy and the ongoing problems with the supply chain. Even though it is especially important now, there are many other reasons to support small businesses, and here are some ways to do so.


1. Support Your Local Farmer

There are numerous benefits to farmers' markets, like meeting the people who cultivate your food and enjoying it at its freshest. There is more than one benefit to supporting local farmers.
The cleanest and most delicious fruits and veggies are those that you may get at a farmer's market. Fruits are delivered directly to you after being allowed to fully develop in the garden. There is no lengthy shipping involved, no gassing to mimic the ripening process, and no lying for months in the warehouse.
Since huge agribusiness currently controls the majority of the food production in the country, local farmers need your help. Small family farms struggle to compete in the food industry.
Farmers receive a higher return on their products when they are purchased directly from them, giving them an opportunity to compete in the modern, worldwide economy.
If you would like to show your support, visit GK Organic Farm.

Farm visit for Slow Dine food sourcing.

Since 1994, GK Organic Farm which is located in Dengkil, Selangor, has been farming organic produces using their own compost and fertilizers. This also provides an organic luncheon and a guided farm tour, both of which require advance reservations. GK Organic Farm works closely with Justlife, one of the biggest local organic farmer supply chains. 
If you would like to experience having the fresh food made by the local farmers, you should check out Slow Dine, and initiative by Unplug to support local. It is a private dining experience that celebrates authentic cuisine, regional ingredients, and a clean way of life.

Slow Dine is a bi-monthly event showcases traditional recipes and attempts to bring your attention to the complete local supply chain from farm to table. Follow our Instagram, and be on the look out for the next round of our event!

2. Give A Positive Review

Let’s face it, everyone reads reviews before purchasing something or visiting a place. Reviews increase word-of-mouth advertising and strengthen the reputation of a small business.
Leave an honest evaluation regarding the company's top-notch employees, the value of its goods, or just your impressions of its ambiance. Your good sentiments will be appreciated by the hardworking members of the local business.


3. Share The Local Business On Social Media

Sharing pictures of local businesses on social media is an easy way to show support for them.
Take pictures of the products you purchase from a local business the next time you purchase from them. Create a quick Instagram story showing your favorite products from your favorite business. The owner of the business will be extremely appreciative of this free promotion, which will also increase client confidence and social proof.
For example, let’s look at local coffee Malaysia. Currently, the amazing barista culture is in every cafe as there are numerous coffee shops and cafes in Malaysia that serve a wide range of coffee varieties. 
Leave a quick review for these coffee spots at your local cafe to brighten up the day of a small business owner!


How Supporting Local Is Sustainable

Did you know that supporting local businesses benefits the earth as a whole? Here are just a few ways that supporting local businesses can protect the environment.

1. Reduction Of Carbon Footprint

A local small business typically makes more localized purchases, which needs less traveling which means a lower level of pollution and congestion. Furthermore, because they are located in a city or town, it will typically result in less traffic, habitat degradation, and resource depletion.


2. Supporting Local Community

Small businesses are well renowned for contributing significantly to neighborhood charities and causes. Since it is obvious that strong local communities are beneficial to local businesses, the owners of those enterprises are more active neighborhood residents.
Small businesses can contribute to maintaining the area's vibrancy and bustle with shoppers and tourists. Every purchase you make from a small, local business helps these entrepreneurs feed their families and pay reasonable salaries to the employees.


3. Increased Quality Of Products

You can be sure that the things you purchase from neighborhood eco-friendly businesses are of high quality and built to last. Eco-friendly items offer considerably better value for your money because they are built to be long-lasting and sustainable. Investing in environmentally friendly goods makes more sense than squandering cash on fad items that will soon need to be replaced.


4. Distribution Of Wealth

Purchasing locally not only benefits the environment but also boosts the local economy. 
When you shop at a chain store, the money you spend is distributed elsewhere, but when you support local businesses, the money stays in the community. Buying locally can help your city's low unemployment and poverty rates, which can spur development in other sectors.


10 great brands for you to look into to start your journey to support local brands in Malaysia!
Our economy continues to rely heavily on small enterprises. The benefits of supporting locally owned businesses are substantial, despite the fact that they are sometimes seen as amateurs when compared to massive supply networks, international banks, and multinational corporations.

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