5 Podcasts to Calm You Down in a Fast World


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5 Podcasts to Help You Slow Down in a Fast World

How do you destress and unwind? For some of us, destressing by listening to some calming podcasts is the antidote to a long day. 
They can be soothing, motivational, and simply relaxing.  We thought we’d spare you the time of searching for them and selected our top five podcasts to calm you down and help you unwind. 
Our selection of calming podcasts was curated to help you slow down from a fast-paced lifestyle and to support a gentle, slow, and calm lifestyle.  They will either spark wild inspiration, offer joyful conversations to listen in to, or simply lull you to dreamland. 
So wherever you are, whenever you’re ready for a break, pop in your headphones, kick back, relax, and unplug. If you happen to be driving or taking a walk while listening to them - smile, breathe deeply, and enjoy.


Here are some quick links to our top 5 podcast to calm you down:



1. Slow Your Home

As the name suggests, Slow Your Home is a podcast meant to inspire slow living and a podcasts to calm you down.  This podcast is both inspirational and aspirational, with honest conversations and interviews with those who walk the talk of slowing down.  
Topics of self-care, zero-waste lifestyle, work balance of #WFH with children, are all delivered through casual are relatable chats, almost making you feel like you’re a part of it (except that you don’t have to participate).   
If you ever wondered what it meant to slow down from the hustle and bustle, give the hosts Brooke and Ben McAlary and their line-up of intriguing guests a chance to show life other than what we know of it – “over-worked, over-committed, and over-stressed.” 
Listen here


2. Practicing Human

Some of us benefit from having another to hold our hands to guide us into being a better version of ourselves. Host Cory Muscara will do just that with his short daily dose of advice in bite-sized content about self-awareness and mindfulness in this calming podcast. Each episode plays less than 15 minutes and opens with the soothing sound of a bell. Not to mention Muscara himself has a rather relaxing tone to tune into. A destress podcast perfect for before you start the day or as a nice treat before you end the day. Either way, it’s a podcast to calm you down.
Listen here


3. 1000 Hours Outside

Here’s one podcast that may be out of the box for many but a pure delight to listen to. 1000 Hours Outside is a podcast encouraging others to – you guessed it – spend more hours outdoors (1000 hours a year to be precise). If the notion seems impractical and whimsical, let this podcast be an eye-opener to the possibilities backed with the research on the benefits of being outdoors.  
While this podcast heavily focuses on family and children, any adult would learn something refreshing with this inspiring podcast. 
With its host being a former educator in the US, she has a lot to share about the gifts of slowing down, taking back childhood, and embracing nature. Be inspired and venture the outdoors while you tune in to this enlightening and calming podcast.   
Listen here


4. The Calmer You

The name of this podcast says a lot. Here’s a destress podcast that helps you find the calmer version of yourself with topics ranging from anxiety management to finding your self-confidence. Creator, 
Chloe walks you through coping mechanisms and tools to take on the heavy demands of daily life with her experience as an anxiety coach and hypnotherapist.     
Listen here 


5. Nothing Much Happens; Bedtime Stories for Grown-Ups

Need help going to sleep?  Try this ultra-calming podcast that will lull and whisk you away to dreamland. If you don’t believe it, try it! It is a podcast to calm you down
It’s comical to experience it. The slow tempo raspy voice of Kathryn Nicolai (yoga and meditation teacher) reading to you a bedtime story is a sure knockout – try as you may to stay awake. 
Surrender to the scenic views read in each episode and enjoy letting your mind slow down and rest.
A highly recommended episode is Wind and Wildflower [https://www.stitcher.com/show/nothing-much-happens-bedtime-stories-for-grownups/episode/wind-and-wildflowers-73545095].   
We, adults, deserve to be tucked into a calming night, hushed by an adult version of a lullaby occasionally. 
Listen here

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