Zero Waste Gifts: How to Make Your Christmas Conscious

Zero Waste Gifts: How to Make Your Christmas Conscious


Source: My Ethical Choice, 2021

With the effects of climate change becoming more apparent than ever, spreading an eco-conscious, sustainable way of living is more important than ever. 
In lieu of spreading joy this Christmas, let us also spread the love for our planet.
With the rush to buy gifts, whether that be for that last-minute Secret Santa, or a friend or family member, an eco-friendly, zero-waste gift that leaves no trace truly is the gift that keeps on giving.
We’ve listed five of our top picks across eco-conscious shops and brands in and around KL for a greener giving this Christmas.

1. Plants from Ficus & Jars

Source: Ficus & Jars, 2021

What better way to add a little sunshine to someone’s life by giving them something that teaches them how to nurture nature? 
Gifting a house plant is not only eco-friendly and zero-waste, but has also been scientifically proven to boost your mood, not to mention also the overall feng-shui of your house.
If you’re buying for a first-timer or someone who travels a lot, be sure to give them a low-maintenance and beginner-friendly plant. 
Alongside this green gift, you’ll be supporting a small, local business which is committed to spreading the power of being green.
Ficus & Jar products can be found at the UNPLUG shop.

2. Zero-Waste Starter Pack from MINIMIZE

unplug-zero-waste-kitSource:, Instagram, 2021

When adopting a more eco-conscious lifestyle, it can be hard to know where to start. But the important part is to start and make the effort. Start small but be consistent.
This starter pack is a convenient place to start; it contains eight sustainable self-care products for everyday use, including unbleached loofah, safety razor, cotton soap net, toothbrushes, facial pads and more. 
The shop, located in SS14 Subang Jaya, also sells bulk foods as well as many other lifestyle and home products that are zero-waste.

3. Gift cards from Unplug


Source: UNPLUG
Some could say this is a cop-out, but if you know who you’re buying for well, you can customise where you purchase your card from. 
Plus it avoids the whole trouble of picking something that they may not like. It gives the recipient the freedom to get something that they actually need, lengthens usage time and therefore encourages a less wasteful lifestyle.
UNPLUG Gift Cards range from RM100-500 and can be used on any of the 58 sustainable brands found in the shop and on the website that spans over women’s and men’s apparel, accessories, shoes, homeware, personal care and stationery.  
Let a friend go wild with getting on the eco-conscious alternative.

4. Aromatherapy and Skincare Products from Kinder Soaps

This brand was created by a mum who wasn’t satisfied with the supply of reliable, clean skincare products after she saw her daughter suffer from eczema problems. 
Her products are made using a method called “cold process” and she does so from her own home with ingredients which are synthetic-free. Perfect for those with sensitive or irritable skin.
The products are also packaged with materials that have been recycled or which are biodegradable. 
Also another way to support local!

5. Stationery from Lefthandesign

unplug-zero-waste-gift-lefthandesignSource: Lefthandesign, 2019

A new year means planting new seeds… metaphorically and literally. Lefthandesign specialises in stationery that serves functionality as well as seedlings for a new plant. 
Their products encourage a shelf life beyond your personal use and helps reduce wastefulness.
You can choose from a range of cute notebooks, greeting cards, pens and pencils, which after the recipient has used fully can then be planted into herbs like tomato, morning glory, okra, spinach or mustard seeds. Who ever thought your notebook could eventually be part of your dinner?
Find these products at the UNPLUG store as well.


With this non-exhaustive list, it’s time to get shopping and do away with wasteful gifts that hurt the earth. It’s 2022, time to wake up our environmental consciousness!

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