17 Ethical Christmas Gifts For A Conscious Christmas

17 Ethical Christmas Gifts For A Conscious Christmas

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Purchasing ethical Christmas gifts for a conscious Christmas does not have to be an overwhelming task. 
It's quite new to talk about ethical buying as a notion of change. Traditional ways of doing good, like giving our time or money through donations, are much more familiar to us.
Approximately 59% of Malaysian respondents to a Rakuten Insight poll indicated that they would be ready to pay more for environmentally-friendly items. The majority of respondents who implemented sustainable behaviors decreased their consumption of single-use plastic, according to the same survey.
Ethical shopping is when customers prefer to spend their money with businesses that share their values. According to statistics, 87% of consumers are likely to purchase a product if it has a positive impact on the environment, which means more people are becoming ethical consumers.
Depending on their values, different individuals' conceptions of ethical buying will differ. For instance, a vegan consumer could abstain from purchasing any items made in connection with animals, such as leather apparel. 
So, why shop ethically?
Shopping ethically supports creative businesses and goods while discouraging others from acting in a way that has negative social and environmental effects. It gives you control over how the items you buy are manufactured and how the organization that makes them runs its business, empowering you as a customer.
This article will cover some socially conscious gifts for you to consider gifting to your loved ones or you could add these items to your own wishlist as well!


  1. Natural Skincare Christmas Set | Herbbies
  2. Re-sealable straws | Lexngo
  3. Cambodian Handwoven Throw | Fair Weave
  4. Lipat Batik Bag | Nysakapas
  5. Kariba 1-Piece | Ozero
  6. Men Essntls Flip Flop | Indosole
  7. Relaxed Tees | Kualesa
  8. Crew Bamboo Charcoal Socks | Just Better Co. Socks
  9. Dapo Mula Xmax Box | Dapo
  10. Copper Bottles | Meraki Copper
  11. Beeswax Wraps | Saffron & Serai
  12. SET THE BAR Soaps | Remedy
  13. Remedy Upcycled Homeware
  14. Lavandin Oil (10ml) | Florame
  15. Organic GOTs Certified Towels | Sunday Bedding
  16. Organic GOTs Certified Cloud Throw | Sunday Bedding
  17. Organic Cotton Shoelace | Muni


17 Ethical Christmas Gifts For A Conscious Christmas


Ethical Stocking Fillers

1. Natural Skincare Christmas Set, RM 115 | Herbbies

Herbbies is a Malaysian company whose goal is to aid those with sensitive skin in regaining the health of their skin.
The owners have educated themselves in the fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine and native herbs from Malaysia in order to further their understanding of pharmacy, herbs, and natural medicines.
They have a range of non-greasy facial & body oil and treatment focus oil that is made with the aim to heal and soothe any skin issues you may have so you can show up as your most confident self!
Herbbies always uses the best oils and key herbs such as Mugwort, Vernonia amygdalina, and Mulberry leaf while creating their products. The majority of their herbs come from one of the founder’s father's herb farms in Klang, Selangor. 

2. Re-sealable straws, RM35 | Lexngo

These robust, sanitary, and reusable straws split apart quickly for simple cleaning. Due to its distinctive and creative design, it seals for continuous use, time and time again. They are environmentally friendly and made entirely of silicone that is EU-grade and suitable for food.
They would fit just right in the large sock for Christmas!


Ethical Gifts For Her

3. Cambodian Handwoven Throw, RM 678 | Fair Weave

Fair Weave is an ethical textile company focused on weaving and natural dye. Exceptional natural fibers and Cambodian golden silk are used by the company to produce beautiful fashion and home accessories.
While the design focuses on timeless pieces and sustainability, the materials and colors are influenced by culture and nature. Since early 2013, blankets, throws, carpets, pillows, and body wear have been produced thanks to the successful collaboration between weavers and artisans.
If you are looking for fair trade Christmas gifts, you can consider getting your loved one a gift from Fair Weave. Although they are not Fair Trade certified, this company practices the principles. 
What better way to gift an ethical gift that is equally fashionable to your loved one?

4. Lipat Bag, RM72 | Nysakapas 

Nysakapas has a range of colorful and vibrant batik prints that makes one of the best socially conscious gifts to gift a loved one over this holiday season! This brand focuses on local hand-block batik, turning them into modern design and wear with the aim of bringing culture and roots back to our people. 
Let’s face it, we can never go wrong with a stylish bag. This bag is made through handmade processes from fabric treatment to plant dye and is made from local coconut coir.  These gifts are a gift from our land and the hands of our people with love.

5. Kariba 1-Piece, RM 550 | Ozero

Need stylish swimwear for your next vacation? Ozero swimwear pieces are beautifully designed with sustainability in mind for every woman to feel comfortable. They use ECONYL®, a recycled nylon fiber created from salvaged plastic waste like industrial plastic.
They recently featured their latest capsule collection, Tropical, which pays homage to the bold and vibrant colors and prints from our homeland Malaysia.
In addition to offering unique prints and designs, their swimwear collection is also chlorine and sunscreen-resistant, this finest Italian fabric is also remarkably soft and long-lasting.

Green Gifts For Him

6. Men Essntls Flip Flop , RM 189 | Indosole

What’s better than a truly comfortable pair of flip flops that is also fashionable and goes with every outfit?
Every year, 1.5 billion tires are discarded. They are burned as a less expensive alternative to fuel because they are nearly impossible to break down. These tires are recycled and used to make the soles of everyday flip flops, making them one of the most durable options out there. 

7. Relaxed Tees, RM159 | Kualesa 

The Relaxed Tee, is an extremely cozy and an everyday essential in which one can't go wrong.  It can be hard to shop for men, so this is a great gift to add to your ethical gift guide.
This tee is excellent for dates, the daily grind, and to wear on holidays. These relaxed tees provide unparalleled comfort and a wonderfully smooth sensation on the skin because of their use of bamboo lyocell fibers, a highly sustainable raw material.

8. Crew Bamboo Charcoal Socks, RM24.90| Just Better Co. Socks

The bamboo charcoal crew socks from Just Better Company are simple and practical. These are excellent for sleeping in addition to being fantastic for athletics. They provide excellent compression, a comfortable embrace, and temperature control for the feet.
What is unique about this pair of socks is the use of bamboo charcoal fiber. It is good for those who sweat and have smelly feet.  Thanks to its anti-bacterial, when one uses this sock, bad odor is removed. It can be worn in all climates as bamboo is thermoregulating.


Gifts For Environmentalists

9. Dapo Mula Xmax Box, RM 200 | Dapo 

Dapo is a sustainable Brand that produces ethical and locally sourced wooden products from Malaysia's first The Green Factory. They have an excellent selection of beautifully crafted wooden products thanks to their 20-year experience in the field. They are a PEFC-certified factory, which enables them to acquire wood from responsibly managed forests.
This gift box contains a Mula Tray, a kochi phoneholder, one samosa candleholder, and one Pisa butter knife. These wood items are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also functional and are a great addition to one's home. They are also great for Christmas dinner tablescape and on many more get-together occasions.

10. Copper Bottles, RM200 | Meraki Copper

Drinking water from pure copper bottles has known to be beneficial in terms of fighting inflammation, improving the digestive system, and regulating the thyroid gland. Copper ions may easily eliminate a wide variety of dangerous microorganisms, molds, and fungi when drinking water from a copper container. 
The simplest way to drink copper water which is free natural alkaline water is to simply let the water sit at room temperature in the copper vessel for a minimum of 5 hours before drinking.
Quickly add this bottle to your Christmas wishlist!

11. Beeswax Wraps, RM65 | Saffron & Serai

Beeswax wrap is a reusable food wrap. It breathes well and prolongs the freshness of food. Instead of placing your food items in plastic Ziploc bags, try using beeswax wraps!
These wraps from Saffron & Serai consist of lush colors and patterns of batik which makes these Beeswax great gifts for any home.
In order to give it a little bit of a stick, beeswax wrap is typically constructed of cotton and covered or saturated with food-grade beeswax, coconut oil, and sometimes jojoba oil. They are heat-activated, meaning the beeswax softens and forms a seal when you warm the wraps with your hands. This allows the wraps to shape around the item inside. 

12. SET THE BAR Gift Set, RM95 | Re{me)dy

This Christmas soap box by Remedy consists of two kinds of soaps - a Wild Ginger Soap Bar and a Turmeric Soap Bar.
The warming effects of turmeric and wild ginger aid to promote blood circulation. As we know, turmeric is a very potent antioxidant and has potent anti-inflammatory properties. The enhancement of collagen formation by turmeric soap is one of its main advantages.
Remedy soaps also upcycle excess and otherwise wasted palm oil from restaurants and other skincare producers to repurpose oil as a key ingredient to bar soaps. It comes with an upcycled soap holder.
I am sure any environmentalist will appreciate a gift that makes their skin look supple and fresh!

13. Remedy Upcycled Homeware, RM75

This set of coasters was created from recycled materials and is perfect as a gift for anyone who cares about their impact on the planet.
These coasters are created entirely of recycled plastics that were either discovered during lake clean-ups or were gathered directly from hotels, dive shops, and dining establishments.
A portion of the sale of these coasters is donated to conservation initiatives that support the preservation of sea turtles, marine science, waste disposal, and eco-education.

Organic Christmas Gifts

14. Lavandin (10ml), RM55 | Florame

There are several methods to slow down all of the bustles that come with daily living so that we may allow ourselves a few minutes of quiet. Aromatherapy is among them. Therefore, what better present to give a gift that includes this calming experience?
You can rely on Florame for the finest quality essential oils. 100% pure, natural, and Ecocert-certified essential oils are included in their catalog.

15. Organic GOTs Certified Towels, RM127 | Sunday Bedding

The Sunday Towels are made from Turkish cotton, a premium variety with additional fibers that are only farmed in the Aegean region.
These towels are 700gsm of 100% GOTS-certified Turkish Cotton making them have better absorbency due to a denser weave. Additionally, the cotton has Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification, proving that no hazardous chemicals were utilized in its manufacture.
The GOTS standard, which incorporates ecological and social requirements and is supported by independent certification of the whole textile manufacturing chain, is the industry standard for handling organic fibers globally.

16. Organic GOTs Certified Cloud Throw, RM322 | Sunday Bedding

The Cloud Throw will make you feel like you are laying on clouds (literally).  100% GOTS-certified organic cotton fibers were used in its construction and finishing in Portugal to give it a pleasant, fluffy texture.
No matter the weather, you can feel like you are covered in a cloud because of its lightness and breathability.  This set also makes a great ethical baby gift as it is soft and made with safe materials!

17. Organic Cotton Shoelace, RM39 | Muni

Yes, I know. It is an unusual gift. No one thinks of shoelaces when it comes to ethical Christmas gifts for a conscious Christmas.
However, every one of us owns a pair of shoes, and why don’t we switch the style up with Muni’s ethically Indigo-dyed shoelaces? Tropical plant extracts are used to create the colors of their natural dyes and the procedure makes no use of hazardous chemicals.
The cotton material used to craft the shoelaces is GOTS-certified. 



How Can I Be Ethical At Christmas?

As much as the holiday season is one of the joyous times of the year, Christmas can occasionally be one of the most stressful times of the year. On top of the pressure of gifting,  attempting to make sure the products you're purchasing are as ethically sound as possible can get overwhelming.
Here are some ways for you to get  socially conscious gifts that do not break the bank.
  • Handmade Gifts

Nothing compares to a present that was prepared by hand. It adds a personal touch and a creative flair that can’t be obtained with a store-bought gift. 
Making a present for someone involves creating something personal and one-of-a-kind.  In comparison to store-bought gifts, these Christmas presents are also considerably less likely to have unethical repercussions.
People will appreciate the value of a handmade present that is unique to the recipient if you've ever had to search far and low for the ideal gift for a picky relative or friend. Making your own gifts gives you the freedom to use colors, fabrics, and materials that will definitely be loved by the recipient.
  • Gifting Pre-Loved Items

Explore the golden stashes of pre-loved, and vintage items rather than purchasing brand-new presents. The star of the show is often vintage accessories and clothing.
Seek out local ads for used toys when shopping for children or when you are in search of ethical stocking fillers. Kids honestly do not even care whether their present comes in a sparkling box, and buying used may allow you to get a higher-quality item.
Special-edition or antique books are excellent options for adults. 
Pick up a signed copy of the favorite book of your loved one or search for any of the suggested secondhand bookstores to locate recently published used books for a more affordable price.

Eco Packaging Swap To Avoid Waste

As of 2020, 148 tonnes of packaging is used annually to secure the billions of items they use in their homes and places of work. The peak consumption season is around Christmas, and with higher consumption comes more packing.
Aim for reusable packaging.
By choosing presents, foods, and decorations from vendors and businesses that use fewer containers, sustainable packaging, or packaging made from recycled materials, you can reduce the amount of waste and trash. 
Use brown paper or fabric wraps to wrap your presents this Christmas. Not only do they look pretty under the tree, but they can be used multiple times in the years to come. 
Purchasing more wrapping paper than we need is rather natural because we desire our gifts to look the best.
However, try searching around your home for items you already own to use as a present wrap, such as paper bags, rather than purchasing wrapping paper every year. This kind of gift wrapping is only one of the enjoyable and simple ways to establish long-lasting Christmas customs.


Gift Can Be Beyond Material Things

How many times have you thought of the amazing pair of heels purchased when you look back at pictures from a recent holiday trip?
Instead, I'm sure you can recall the thrill of visiting the zoo, the family vacation during which you all joked until you were in tears, or the moment your heart dropped on a roller coaster ride.
Do you see what I mean?
Oftentimes than not, when we buy something, we barely recall why we bought it. We frequently forget about these things shortly after purchasing them unless they have some sort of deep significance.
This is where gifting experiences come in and some ways how you can go about them. 
  • Plan a scavenger hunt
  • Purchase a coupon for an entertaining indoor activity
  • Get a gardening kit
  • Buy a day pass to the amusement park
  • Give back to the community
There are many important charitable causes in Malaysia that could use your support. Below is a list of  5 Malaysian charities that are actively seeking donations to help them continue their vital work. 

1. Elom

This is a community-based organization for refugees that has been operating in Kuala Lumpur since 2017. Their goal is to provide refugees with the tools and resources they need to realize their full potential and contribute positively to the society they are being hosted in.

2. Urban Hijau

Urban Hijau is a planned sustainable social company, to bring people together, make money, and protect the environment all at once. Urban Hijau is building a sustainable rooftop garden that is meant to foster community, and teach gardening.

3. Reef Check Malaysia

Since its registration in Malaysia in 2007, Reef Check Malaysia has been a non-profit organization dedicated to coral reef preservation. They employ 16 people, the majority of whom work in their long-term community programming hubs in Tioman, Mantanani, and Mersing.
This campaign intends to educate local islanders on how to repair coral reefs at Tioman Island and Mantanani Island that have been harmed by storms or human activity.

4. Great Heart Charity Association (GHCA)

A tax-exempt, non-profit charitable organization in Malaysia, the Great Heart Charity Association was founded in 2010. They seek to offer monetary and in-kind aid to recipients of assistance.
Great Heart Charity Association (GHCA) expresses sympathy and support for people or families in need throughout the epidemic and current economic unrest.


The National Cancer Council of Malaysia is another name for MAKNA. They are a non-profit group that offers cancer patients various forms of assistance. One of these methods includes paying for individuals who cannot afford to receive therapy, equipment, and medication.
As you are undoubtedly aware, the pandemic has put a tremendous burden on many people's finances and mental health. Financial obstacles that prevent cancer sufferers from receiving treatment quickly enough merely add to their burden.



There you go, a complete list of ethical Christmas gifts for a conscious Christmas compiled for you to start gifting! Regardless if you are getting ethical baby gifts or gifts for environmentalists, there’s something in this list for everyone to enjoy. 
Given the influx of eco-friendly products that have appeared over the past several years, there has been an increased interest in ethical shopping. 
We have recently observed domestic firms stepping up and attempting to raise significant awareness about the consequences of purchasing, sustainable initiatives, and more by curated online stores that sell goods ranging from clothing to beauty and health.
If you are leaning towards sustainability, this shopping list is a great place to start!

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