Five Eco-Farms in Malaysia for a City Escape

The hustle and bustle of the city can sometimes mean a disconnect from nature. 
Eco-farms prioritise nurturing the connection to nature, quieting the mind and reminding us of the importance of local ways of living .
So if you feel that connection is weak or even if you just need to reset, booking a sustainable short weekend stay out of the city is a perfect choice. Plus, it also supports local travel and businesses. 
We’ve curated unique, eco-farm stays for yourself, you and your partner or friends and even families. Get planning…



1.   Napoh Eco Farm 

Found in Kedah, this eco-farm is roughly five hours away from the city.  
A longer journey but definitely one worth making, Napoh Eco Farm provides farm education (even for younger ones!), farm-to-table cooking, volunteering, a guesthouse and a farm shop available to use for guests and visitors.  
Places like these remind us that city life does not encapsulate all of Malaysia’s rich culture and that actually the wealth of it is found in our relationship to our wildlife. 
Everything at this farm honours the pure connection humans can and should have to nature and how they can harvest it in sustainable ways for consumption. 
There are farm tours and specific educational programmes for kids and students; start them young!


Source: Titi Eco Farm, 2018

2.   Titi Eco Farm 

This 40-acre integrated organic farm in Negeri Sembilan is a family-run farm which rests about 1,000-feet above sea-level and is surrounded by lush, verdant green hills away from the city noise.  
With the slow-paced, holistic lifestyle that’s incorporated everyday into the team’s life, it’s only natural how infectious this frame of thinking becomes once you spend a few days at the farm. 
As one of the oldest Organic Farms in Malaysia that has seen the rise of farm-vacations, Titi Eco Farm offers farm lodges nestled around stunning greenery.  
They also offer farming and farm-to-table, fresh eating experiences. A visit here is a strong reminder of the importance of familial ties to our wellbeing and mental and spiritual nourishment and how nature can play a big role in re-discovering this part of yourself. 


Source: JustGola, 2015

3.   Kampung Bongsu Farmstay 

Kampung Bongsu Farmstay is located in a small village Lanchang, Pahang which is just an hour’s drive from the city.  
With 15 acres of private, gated land and four acres of lake space, this location boasts ultimate privacy and serenity.  
The houses sit on a quaint hill overlooking a surrounding mountain and a waterfront view from each villa terrace. 
On top of its idyllic nature, the farmstay also hosts a great range of activities; say hello to elephants at the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, visit the deer at Deerland Park Bukit Rengit or head over to the Krau Wildlife Reserve.
These activities will be a sure-hit with families visiting the farm. 
In addition to their farming experiences, there is fishing, barbeques, campfires and farm-to-table fine-dining.  
The wide range of activities here will help you reimagine the modern Malaysian way of living; one that aligns preservation of local vegetation, diet and dishes, with respect to our environment - bringing us back to our roots and the ways our ancestors lived.  


Source: Green Acres Eco Farm, 2017

4.   Green Acres Orchard & Eco Lodge 

A treehouse, eco lodge and fruit farm found in Balik Pulau, Penang, this urban retreat transports you into the deep recesses of greenery and solitude.  
This 16-acre organic fruit farm has been in the sustainable farming landscape for over 70 years. They do not use chemical fertilisers, pesticides and insecticides in aim to minimise pollution to the surrounding environment. 
As strong supporters of sustainable tourism, Green Acres Orchard & Eco Lodge only offers farm stays in two lodgings; a treehouse and a reassembled traditional Malay house that has utilised reclaimed materials and which is powered by solar panels. 
But the most impressive part of this farm is that it’s home to 450 matured durian trees with over 35 different durian cultivars to choose and taste from. Some of the older trees reach 100 years old. Durian season is between June and August. 
There are also private orchard tours which also look at sustainable fruit farming and even a fresh spring water dipping pool.


Source: Karuna Hill, 2017

5.   Karuna Hill 

A little bit more on the luxury side, Karuna Hill is a durian orchard resort tucked away in the same area as Green Acres.  
Here, there are only four chalets, owned by former Wall Street Journal Staffer, Carl, and his durian-obsessed wife, Lilian.  
Throughout your stay, you’ll be served 20 types of durian that have been meticulously preserved and nurtured over decades. 
The chalets are all pockets of privacy in itself, but Villa Astara is the prime pick with an outdoor jacuzzi pool overlooking an awe-worthy view. Make sure to also head over to Saanen Dairy Goat Farm, where you can visit farm animals and feed them.


It’s time to focus on reconnecting with Mother Nature, especially in a tumultuous time of never-ending climate news. 
A quiet and introspective weekend away to a farm-stay might just be what you need to lean into a more healthy, circular lifestyle for the new year.




Sophia Macpherson
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