5 Amazing Organic Beauty Brands That You Can Buy Online In Malaysia

As Malaysians are becoming more conscious of what goes into our personal care products, the organic beauty brand industry is sprouting more than before thanks to you. This time we would like to showcase 5 organic beauty brands that we love and you would too!


1. Glow and Blush
Homegrown brand that’s serious with glow ups. We are not talking about copious amount of make up but a natural glow that’s healthy and ethereal. Fall in love with your skin even more with Calendula Bath & Body Oil.
It’s fast absorbing anti-inflammatory properties help heal wounds and soothes eczema. Did we mention that it smells heavenly and its antiseptic too?
Glow and Blush organic beauty products range include calendula clay grain cleansers, face serums, face oils, body oils, face mists and rescue remedy oil.
 Unplug-Organic Beauty Brand-moisturizer

 Unplug-Organic Beauty Brand-remedy-oil

Unplug-Organic Beauty Brand-cleansing-grain


2. Soul Sisters Morocco
Better known for their argan oil and prickly pear seed oil range In Morocco the argan tree thrives in and is filled with ancient trees that are up to 200 years old. Soul Sister’s organic beauty brand offers ancient secrets of Morocco to the world to help channel the goddess in you.
Argan oils are known as “liquid gold” as it restores dry damaged skin and hair, with the therapeutic relief it needs packed with vitamin E. The prickly pear seed oil range on the other hand has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory property that helps with all types of skin condition that's prone to flare ups.
Soul Sister’s Morocco organic beauty products range also includes world famous Moroccan black soap, prickly pear seed scrub, Ghassoul clay, the radiant red clay mask and luxurious Moroccan rose water.

 Unplug-Organic Beauty Brand-red-clay

Unplug-Organic Beauty Brand-prickly-seed


3. The Speak Collective
The Speak Collective is a homegrown brand that was born out the founder’s own personal struggle with eczema. They needed gentle plant base solutions for themselves for their own personal self care and out emerged The Speak Collective. The brand has simple solutions for everyday personal care with gentle cleansing powder, facial oil, lip balm, deodorant, Salt+Tsubaki scalp scrub, Argan-rosemary pre-shampoo hair oil , organic prickly pear seed oil and rose quartz rollers.

Unplug-Organic Beauty Brand-speak-collective

Unplug-Organic Beauty Brand-rosemary-haircare


4. Florame
France has been producing perfumery for a long time carving a spot for themselves in the world as pioneers in their craft. The region has optimum conditions to produce the best grade of oils. Florame has been around for 30 years providing certified organic essential oils that’s fairtrade with therapeutic benefits. Since then Florame has grown from essential oils to personal care products, luxurious massage oils, organic perfumes, make up remover and the list keeps going.

Unplug-Organic Beauty Brand-essential-oil

Unplug-Organic Beauty Brand-vegetable-oil

Unplug-Organic Beauty Brand-floral-water


5. Evgenis
If you are looking for cleansers that are naturally derived this is it. Evgenis is a homegrown brand that’s handmade with extra virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil. The brand is also very conscious of it’s packaging to ensure that eco friendly materials are used. Evgenis hair growth and anti-dandruff shampoo saponifies/lathers using the traditional saponification. Which means it’s absolutely gentle on your hair that can be used by any hair type. This one product that the whole family can use.
Another one of our favourites is the himalayan salt body scrub that helps increase blood circulation, delivering anti aging and antioxidant benefits through added essential oils. Stick to the regime and you get naturally glowing skin every time.

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Unplug-Organic Beauty Brand-body-oil

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