5 easy ways to help towards sustainable living in Malaysia

Here are 5 easy ways to help you towards sustainable living in Malaysia.

Sustainable living is about careful use of resources so that we do not deplete them for future generations. Prioritising natural and renewable resources, by making conscious effort to not create excess waste.

There are many steps that we can take towards sustainable living often requiring minimal effort or drastic lifestyle changes. This time we would like to focus on easy everyday things we can change for the better. Here are 5 easy ways to help you towards sustainable living in Malaysia.

1.Adopt zero waste habits.

Zero waste basically is a conscious effort to replace things we use on a daily basis that aims to not generate excess waste. One of the major global wastes that we generate is plastic waste.As plastics do not have the ability to compost on its own. The probability that every plastic waste that was ever produced is still around.

Only 20% of plastics are recycled, 50% ends up in landfills while the other 30% is incinerated. Recently micro plastics were found in a woman’s placenta who had given birth, raising questions on our bodies ability to absorb micro plastic and the unknown effects of this phenomenon.

What can you do ?

Reduce wrapping foods with plastics as it’s always a one time use. At Unplug we love our Beeswax wraps made by a Malaysian local brand Saffron & Serai.

It’s easy to use, reusable, just wash it with soap and water. It comes in many beautiful batik designs that would add a touch of local art in your kitchen. Did we mention that the Batik are also deadstock or discarded fabric that are repurposed and upcycled!

2.Reduce purchase of bottled water, carry your own reusable tumblers.

It’s very Malaysian of us to drop by at the gas station and grabbing a water bottle all the time.The simple act of carrying a small multi-use bottle helps in your journey to be sustainable. A multi-use hot/cold beverage bottle can be helpful for your coffee takeaways, your mid-day green smoothie break or just a refreshing drink of water.

What can you do ?

If you don’t already own one. At Unplug we have a selection of reusable tumblers that fits with your tastes and needs.

This particular brand Acera, tumblers are made from tourmaline a semi-precious stone. Tourmaline’s very nature is its ability to soften liquids and in turn acquire an alkaline quality that helps towards a healthier lifestyle.

3.Buy less and focus on quality.

The fashion industry is the worlds second largest polluters. It’s unsustainable use of earths resources in the fast fashion world encourages over consumption and unsustainable way of doing business. These clothes that are bought are often used only once or never been worn at all.

What can you do ?

Creating a personal style and capsule wardrobes according to season will eliminate impulse buying.

At Unplug we partner with brands in this region that helps artisans preserve their craft. Clothes from natural fibres to up-cycled fabrics we got it all. Do check out our selection to see if they suit your style and need.

4.Natural clean personal care to avoid toxins.

Personal care products like toothbrush, toothpastes, shampoos moisturisers, deodorants, sanitary pads are products we use day in day out. Often they are made with chemicals like SLS, SLES, parabens to name a few, usually unregulated. These are toxins that usually inhabits cells within our body and causes disruption.Reading your labels and looking it up will help you to learn about them and better guard yourself from toxins you can control to not include in your life.

What can you do?

Keeping toxins at bay promotes better health and overall well being. At Unplug we have curated a list of personal care products that would help you to maintain care without compromising health.

Browse through to see what we have that might interest you. It’s always important to stock up on these clean products so that we don’t end up buying what’s available when in need.

5.Support local.

2020 was a tough year for the world. Many businesses in Malaysia has taken a hit leading to pay cuts and loss of jobs. Having said that, serving local economies ensures that we look after our own people. You may also be surprised to find out that there are many conscious homegrown brands that cater to sustainable living.

What can you do?

Support local businesses. If you like something it helps to find out if there is a local brand that caters to your need. Giving them business means someone in the neighbourhood is being provided for.