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Florame Detox Box Essential Oil Set (Atlas Cedar, Distilled Lemon, Cypress), 10ml x 3

Established in Provence since 1990, Florame travels its region and the world to carefully select plants cultivated with the greatest respect for the Earth and for people. Once cold distilled or expressed, they deliver their most precious treasure: Essential Oil, which concentrates the virtues of each plant.

Discover our detoxifying essential oils pack for a detoxification cure . You may feel heavy in your stomach, intense fatigue, after some excess your body pays the costs. To rectify the situation and deeply purify your saturated, overloaded body and relieve the digestive tracts and the skin: test our detox oils set . The detox essential oils set is regenerating for difficult tomorrow, chaotic awakenings. With detox oils , reset the counters to 0, get off to a good start, a reset to start a new day.

Today, Florame has brought together the 3 essential Organic Essential Oils in its DETOX box, to find freshness and lightness! 

This detox essential oils set consists of: An Essential Oil of Organic Distilled Lemon 10ml An Essential Oil of Organic Atlas Cedar 10ml An Essential Oil of Organic Cypress 10ml

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How to Use

Consult the properties and methods of use on the product sheets of each essential oil that makes up the Organic Relax Essential Oils Box.


Keep away from light and heat.